Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 things I wish IKnew

I saw this on another site I thought it was worth a share.  What do you all think Riders?

 10 things I wish I knew before becoming a CO

1. Been in this business for going on 13 years, seen it all. It's hard not being cynical when you deal with society's worst. Think long and hard before committing to this profession.

2. I really wish there was a program for my friends and family to understand the nature of the beast, the abuse taken daily, the mind games played by these guys, the feeling of always being on high alert, the politics of admin and supervisors, the feeling that its 1,100 people against you and a few brethren you trust, and some you will come to find you cannot trust. I wish they could understand that despite all of this, I will come to work loving my job for years to come. –

3. I wish I would have known how many Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners would be eaten out of a Styrofoam plate in a dark gun tower or mental health ward. –

4. Good administrators or bad administrators, it does not matter when it comes to day to day operations. The line officers get the work done despite them. I had thought more appreciative, understanding administrators and commanders would make the job better. Not so. It’s the officers in the units and on the line everyday who do. They will make or break the facility. I will take five bad commanders for just one good officer every time. –

5. This job sticks with you long after you have left the jail for the day. You have less tolerance for people in everyday life and I always seem to be on my guard in a large gathering. I have to watch how I act around friends and loved ones and not carry my job home with me. –

6. I learned that you have to have thick skin. Not to let things that are said that normally would lead to fights outside the wall get to me. Personally, I have had inmates tell me that when I see you on the streets ... blah, blah, blah. In reality, I have run into former inmates both when I was with my family and alone. I noticed that the same inmates that were going to beat my tail tend to walk the other way. –
7. I didn't realize that I would give up my friends. Didn't know that it would affect my family. Didn't know that I would put in so many hours. Was never told that my attitude would change from being happy-go-lucky to callous. I saved every good report so that someday I could write a book. Didn't know that I would be so scarred as to never be able to open the file cabinet to write that book. I never want to relive them moments again. –

8. In my thirty one years in law enforcement, seventeen years of those working in a detention center, the biggest changes I noticed are the terrible physical toll the job takes on your body. Stomach issues, insomnia, physical issues (neck, back and knees), are gradual changes that can occur with a lengthy career. –

9. The one thing that is the difference between a compliant and a non-compliant prisoner is one second. –

10. I am really glad of two things: 1) My commute has always been at least an hour (time to get into the right frame of mind going to work and time to decompress after work) and 2) My wife and I met after I was already on the job about 5 years. I seriously don't know if my marriage would have survived this long if my wife knew what I used to be like  --

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Never Forgotten

Your always Remembered Brother. EOW

Rumor has it that there was some very serious training being conducted in Cypress Gardens back in the day. Such trainers as Pops, Rosie,Chivas,Big Mac, Kutzie,Konrad,Sitnbull and many many others. We took our Training serious!  

Every now and then Toothpick would join us when he did his over times. We all had a lot of laughs back in those days. It's when coming to work was fun, don't get me wrong we always handled our business first and foremost. But we always made time to have a couple of laughs. I remember how proud Manny was when he talked about his kids.  His son was going through the hiring process with a local PD. I don't recall if Manny got to see his graduation or not, but he sure was proud. 

I miss you brother....

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Support CDCR Womens Flag Football

Come and support the Women of CDCR for this great cause and watching our partners play some Football.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Survivor Benefit Settlement

Survivor Benefit Settlement Checks (Dec 2016)

As you may be aware, between July 2011 and June 2013, BU6 members were required to pay $5.45 per month for the Survivor Benefit. CCPOA filed a grievance and ultimately was able to reach a settlement with the Department to return a portion of the excess monies paid.
Officers who paid the deduction during the relevant period will receive $1.73 for each qualifying month. For example an officer who worked the full 24 month period would receive a check for $ 41.52.

On December 22, 2016, checks will be available in an officer’s Personnel Office for pick-up.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Riot at Susanville

California officials say four inmates were hospitalized following a riot involving about 100 prisoners at California Correctional Center in Susanville.
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said Thursday that one inmate was shot in the buttocks as guards attempted to stop the fighting. Three were injured by other inmates.
The riot broke out Tuesday afternoon in a medium-security block of the prison in northern California.
Two inmates have returned to the facility, while two others remain hospitalized in fair condition.
Investigators are reviewing the guards' use of deadly force.
The Susanville prison, located about 200 miles northeast of Sacramento, houses nearly 3,000 inmates and another 1,900 at conservation camps.

Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Chapter Election Results

2016  Chapter Election Results-

Blythe-Chapter President- Ruben Lejia Jr., R&F Vice President- Horacio Aguilar, Sup. Vice President-Raymond Cervantes, Board- Antonio Barron, Tobin Bullock, Mark Lopez, Harvey McDonald, David Trujillo, Julio Rubio, (Tie between Brandon Raborn, Robert Parker & Leslie Clapper)*.
Calipatria - Chapter President- Chris Trott, R&F Vice President- Shaun Ritter, Sup. Vice President- (Tie between Thomas Goodson & Randy Sutton)*, Board- Jesse Bermudez, Charles Delaet, Gregory Gallegos, Raymond Ogaz, Pete Sanchez, Cathy Trott, Rusty Weller.
CCC - Chapter President- Casey Granfield, R&F Vice President- Jason Arey , Sup. Vice President- Chad Flick, Board-, Wayne Baumiller, Matthew Blevins, Jessica De La Cruz, Garry Granfield, Robert Stults, Brian Tilford, Randall Wagner.
CDC Parole - Chapter President- Meshal Kashifalghita, Vice President- Delia Reese, Board- North Reg.- John Battle, Fernando Cisneros, Delilia Stewart, Carmen Alexander. South Reg Martin Aguirre, John Bostick, Bernard Miller, Jorge Robles.
CMF - Chapter President- David Viega, R&F Vice President- Daniel Simmons, Sup. Vice President- Rick Hamamoto, Board- Mildred Buckner, Joe Fumasi, Richard Lopez, Walter Moorer, Jasen Siever, Clarence Wells II, Rebecca Whiting.
Corcoran - Chapter President- Javier Gonzalez, R&F Vice President- Tommy Leija, Sup. Vice President- Ricardo Montano, Board- Jessica Cabrera, Eloy Castro, Edward Duran, Richard Hammons, Victoria Howard, David Hunter, Wendy Kraay.
CRC - Chapter President- Freddy Hernandez, R&F Vice President- Ricky Gutierrez , Sup. Vice President- Henry Ornelas, Board-, Ed Gray III, Mario Leon, Patrick McQuilkin, Anthony Mooney Sr., Joe Sandoval, Jeremy Simmons, Sylina Whitcher.
CSP LA Co - Chapter President- Robert Davis Jr., R&F Vice President- Joseph Jackson, Sup. Vice President- Rudy Esparza, Board- Lester Bryant, Shane Hogan, Clarence Kehres III, Sheri Lee, Benjamin Martin, Michael Mojarro, Michael Soto. 
N A Chaderjian - Chapter President- Jose Benham, R&F Vice President- Matthew D’Valentine, Sup. Vice President- Mark Sams, Board- Robert Dutra, Michael Friscia, Felicia Gutierrez, Christina Natividad-Pham, Sam Rivera, James Self, Kia Theodore.
Retired - Chapter President- A. B. (Skip) Conley, Vice President- Mary Rivera, Board- Lupe Aguilera, Gino Carranza, Larry (LC) Collins, Donald Fredericks, Deanna Gossett, Monica Jones, Mary Lockwood, William (Bill) Wight.
R J Donovan - Chapter President- Kevin Woods, R&F Vice President- Timothy Woods, Sup. Vice President- Gerardo Arteaga, Board- Sergio Bustos, Chris Corotan, William Edrozo, Melvin Fredrick, Alex Maldonado, Luis Santillan, Robert Umali.
SCWF - Chapter President- Harvey Ellis, R&F Vice President- Marcus Troyano, Sup. Vice President- Francine Hinostroza, Board- Lesia Alexander, Charles Colburn, Iliana Hernandez, Joshua Levi, Gustavo Marroquin, Albert Romo, Kenneth Woodard.
Soledad - Chapter President- Ernesto Castro, R&F Vice President- Peter Paluck, Sup. Vice President- Ezechiel Banales, Board- Louis Blas, Arthur Fernando, Rigoberto Gomez, Renee Gutierrez, Jesse Maciel, Melissa Schwartz, Robert Scranton.
VSP - Chapter President- Eddie Castillo, R&F Vice President- Robert Stacy Watson, Sup. Vice President-Travis Smith, Board- Albert Anderson Jr., Michael Barnett, Meng Chang, Eddie Clark, Juan Espinoza, Richard Pratti, Ricky Sandoval.

*In the event of a tie for chapter president there shall be a run-off election. The current chapter president shall reside as president until the election results are final.  In the event of a tie for any remaining Board of Director position, chapter vice president (rank and file or supervisory), the incoming chapter president shall select one of the persons tied for the position(s) in question. The selection shall be formally announced and recorded in the minutes of the first chapter meeting of the newly elected board.

Anyone winning a chapter board position by write-in vote must fill out and submit the "Declaration to Hold Office Within CCPOA" form found in Bylaws Article VII to the State Secretary no later than Dec. 31 of the year the regular elections occur or within 30 days of the results of a special election being published. Failure to do so will disqualify the write-in candidate and the person with the next highest vote count shall win the position. The State Secretary shall notify anyone winning a board position by write-in vote of this provision.