Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CCPOA President Mike Jimenez

During the State Board meeting today it was announced that:

State President Mike Jimenez announces he will be stepping down and will not run for election, next in line Chuck Alexander.

Friday, April 18, 2014

No More "BoneYard"?

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Conjugal Prison Visits Soon To Be Banned In 46 States

Conjugal Prison Visits Will Soon End In New Mexico
New Mexico is set to outlaw conjugal prison visits, meaning as of May 1, only four states in the country will allow them.
Although prison occupants around the country were once widely allowed to be intimate with spouses and lovers during incarceration, there are a variety of reasons why such a privilege is now very rare.
In New Mexico, a Department of Corrections spokesperson named Alex Tomlin said not only will the decision to cease conjugal visits stop the possibility of problems stemming from pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but also save the state about $120,000 per year in expenses.

Tomlin clarified that two years of research was carried out to determine the likelihood an inmate would be incarcerated again after being released if he or she had the advantage of overnight visits from a partner. After the data was studied, researchers came to the conclusion that there was no impact on the rate of re-incarceration.

When the results of that study are combined with the risk of the possible issues discussed above, it makes sense why states like New Mexico have decided to do away with the practice. However, supporters of conjugal visits for prisoners say the rewards help positively influence the behavior of inmates, while also strengthening familial ties.

Conjugal prison visits do not occur in federal facilities. After New Mexico phases them out, they’ll only be permitted for prisoners in New York, California, Connecticut and Washington state.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Battle of the Badges (Honoring Officer T. Dennie)

Come support some local CDCR Officers fighting in the "Battle of the Badges".  This year's event will honor Officer Tom Dennie (CIM Officer shot while on his way to work).  Tickets are only $20.00

Friday, April 11, 2014

Senate Bill 1071

Supervisory Update — By Kevin Raymond, Supervisory Vice President

This Tuesday, CCPOA’s entire Executive Council attended the 25th Annual Victims

March on the Capitol as part of the Association’s continued support of victim’s rights.

Also in attendance were a handful of Legislators, as well as Governor Jerry Brown.

CCPOA has given its support to Senate Bill 1071 — the Bill of Rights for Excluded

employees — authored by Senator Beall. This bill would give excluded employees who

are required to work shifts in a workplace that operates with two or more shifts a day the

right to use seniority to obtain a preferred shift for 60% of the positions.

While CCPOA negotiated the Seniority Assignment Agreement (SA)(supervisor post and bid) in

2004, the State has maintained that the SA is simply ‘policy,’ and not an agreement. Passage

of this bill would provide some protection for our supervisor members.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CCPOA Member Alert - POFF II

Member Alert Regarding Invictus Financial and Insurance Services’ Advertisement Flyers Concerning POFF2 Retirement Funds

It has come to our attention that Invictus Financial and Insurance Services has inaccurately stated the facts concerning the distribution of POFF2 retirement funds. In their recent flyer advertising their services they indicate that funds must leave the plan upon the effective date of CA Senate Bill 277, which was signed into law by the Governor on October 11, 2013. While Senate Bill 277 has become law, PERS is still in the process of working with the IRS on how and when the POFF2 retirement funds are to be distributed.

Last December PERS mailed out a postcard (see to all known plan members with the following information:

Dear Participant:
As you may already know, recent California legislation enables the termination of the Peace Officers & Firefighters Supplemental Plan (POFF) and the distribution of all funds in POFF participant accounts.
Before that can be done, however, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must approve the Plan termination. CalPERS is working with the IRS to receive approval but the timeframe is unknown. Until the approval is granted by the IRS, participants will not be allowed to withdraw funds from POFF accounts, other than as is currently allowed upon permanent separation from State employment.
CalPERS will be coordinating frequent progress updates to POFF participants to keep you informed. To ensure you receive these communications, please be sure the address information we have on file is up to date.

As of the date of this member alert, there has been no further information released by PERS regarding the distribution of POFF2 retirement funds. When PERS does so, CCPOA will immediately alert it’s members.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jerry Brown the Front Runner

With California's financial outlook brightening, voter approval of Gov. Jerry Brown has climbed to a new high for his third term in office. A new Field Poll reveals that 59 percent of registered voters in the state approve of his performance, nearly twice as many as disapprove.
That's great news for Brown as he once again runs for re-election this year. Just two months away from the primary, he holds a commanding lead over his Republican challengers: 57 percent of likely voters said they planned to vote for Brown, as compared to 17 percent for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, 3 percent for Laguna Hills Mayor Andrew Blount and 2 percent for businessman Neel Kashkari.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Supervisors buy back?

I saw this the other day and was wondering if any Supervisors out there have tried this?  The way I read it is Supervisors in S06 (excluded employees) may buy back 20 leave credits.  I checked the CCPOA and CCSO sites and saw nothing on this?  Any Riders out there have any info.?