Tuesday, December 16, 2014

CIW/CIM/CRC Lets Help our Vets this Christmas!


On Tuesday, December 23, 2014,
from 0500-0900 and 1300-1500, at the Front Entrance,
the California Institution for Women
will be accepting donations for the Vet Hunters Foundation, Operation Winter Wonderland, 2014!!
Please show your support, to make this event 1st Class!!
The following unwrapped and new items will be accepted in either men’s or women’s sizes:
· Beanies
· Socks
· Underwear
· T-shirts
· Gloves
Please contact H. Padilla, Housing Lieutenant(CIW), at extension 6368 for further information

Sunday, December 14, 2014

CCPOA Chapter Election Results

2014 Chapter Election Results

CA CITY- Chapter President- James Baumiller, R&F Vice President- Scott Pendergrass,
Sup. VP- Pat Campbell, Board- Emanuel Balbaneda, Bryan Dawson, Brent Epstein,
Fabian Nava, Morrell Osling Jr., Laura Penn & Courtney Ramer.
CAMPS- Chapter President- Moses Mix, R&F Vice President- Dennis Smithpeters, Sup.
Vice President- Travis Busch, Board- Michael Armstrong, Bob Conrad, Michael
Hampton, Pablo Martinez, Robert Cheney Jr., Mike Hernandez & Dave May.
CHCF- Chapter President- Emanuel Latimore, R&F Vice President- Nick Nunez, Sup.
Vice President- Anthony Day, Board- Robert Andersen, Diane Boudreaux, Timothy
Camper, Daniel Ledford, Christopher Pagala, Richard Shepard & Alfredo Tong
CSAFT- Chapter President- Jose Carrasco, R&F Vice President- Derek Delk, Sup. VP Kevin
Curtiss, Board- Kenneth Coffman, Paula Goodes, Roger Lowder, Steve Parkinson,
Joe Rocha, Fawn Seaman & Robert Villagomez.
CSP SAC- Chapter President- Neil Flood, R&F Vice President- Ronald Hennings, Sup.
Vice President- Henry Ng, Board- Steve Benham, Stephen Golden, Rafael Heredia,
Adam Karelas, Sergio Macias, Brendan McCrary & Jeremy Purdy.
HDSP- Chapter President- Anthony Lares, R&F Vice President- Bryon VonRader, Sup.
Vice President- (Vacant) Board- Jeff Filce, Christopher Gallyer, Dan Lybbert, Shanna
Schienle, Jim Brown, Jesse Barron & Jeff Riley.
IRONWOOD- Chapter President- Terry Hammon, R&F Vice President- Randy Gregory,
Sup. Vice President- John Mooney, Board- Antonio Baca, Emiliano Becerril Jr., Troy
Crawford, Justin Crocker, John Plummer, Christopher Tellez & Burton Young.
KVSP- Chapter President- Glen Stailey, R&F Vice President- Daniel Beaman, Sup. Vice
President- Timothy Sheldon Jr., Board- Daniel Badger, Humberto Carrillo, Duane
Chambers, John Hightower, Matt Northcutt, Brian Thompson & John Woltz III
MTA- Chapter President- Justin Periquet, R&F Vice President- Rommel DeLaCruz, Sup.
Vice President- Christopher Cuykendall, Board- John Detar, Brett Gooselaw, Carolyn
Gray, Ronald McCormick, Mavian Neal, Kama O’Hara & Teresa Sullivan.
MULE CREEK- Chapter President- Dennis Greenhalgh, R&F Vice President- Mario
Micheletti, Sup. Vice President- Terri Shirley, Board- Angie Avila, Georgeanna Castro,
Paul Gaudeman, Stacy Poai, Eufemio Renteria, Mary Keeland & William Smith.
PATTON- Chapter President- Samuel Ridenour, R&F Vice President-Eugene “Gene”
Benavides, Sup. Vice President- Angel Perez, Board- Sherie Blakely, Tony Cabral Jr.,
Peter Diaz, Daniel Gonzalez, Robert Horspool, Steven Pedroza & Pedro Ramos.
PELICAN BAY- Chapter President- Mary Statham, R&F Vice President- Eric
Lueckfeld, Sup. Vice President- Cory Countess, Board- Timothy Beers, Mark Foley,
Joseph Foster, Daniel Fraser, Greg McMahan, Casey Reilley & Shane Walch.
PLEASANT VALLY- Chapter President- Jose Lopez, R&F Vice President- Andre
Belton, Sup. Vice President- Rafael Madrigal, Board- Greg Catlett, Shane Hall, James
Hardy, Daniel Horner, Larry Kramer, Robert Lane & Ryan Ramponi.
SAN QUENTIN- Chapter President- Neil Pollard, R&F Vice President- Joseph Davi,
Sup. Vice President- Shadeed “Sandy” Hasan, Board- Steven Bates, Sean Beaton,
Arnold Daniel, David Egan, Lee Griffin, James Pace & Tiffanie Thomas.
TEHACHAPI- Chapter President- Jeff Medovitch, R&F Vice President- Steven
Durham, Sup. Vice President- Richard Uribe, Board- Joseph Cisneros, Jeff Davis, Billy
Jolley, John Montana Jr., Tim Parrish, Tilden Reed & Adam Richter.
WASCO- Chapter President- Joshua Bridges, R&F Vice President- William Pitcher III,
Sup. Vice President- Louie Carlos, Board- Roger Allred, Frank Britt, Pablo Guzman,
John Lundy, Richard “Mac” McDonald, Anthony Mullins & Justin Schutte.

No half time, it's double time!

SACRAMENTO — Inmates who work as janitors, cooks and groundskeepers in California’s overcrowded prisons would be eligible for early release under a proposed legal settlement.
The settlement was filed Friday in federal court, where judges would need to approve it before any changes take effect.
The Los Angeles Times reports that an estimated 4,300 inmates who form the backbone of the prison system’s menial labor force could start earning sharply reduced sentences as early as January.
In February, three federal judges ordered the state to let minimum custody inmates earn up to two days off for every day of good behavior. That order came as part of a deal that gave California two more years to reduce prison populations. The court has concluded prisons are unsafely overcrowded, and that the inmate population must be reduced.

The prison system agreed to the settlement following negotiations with lawyers for inmates that the court had ordered, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Deborah Hoffman told the newspaper.
“This is really fair, because (California’s) previous position had been they were going to deny the credits in order to preserve the prison workforce,” said Rebekah Evenson, an attorney with the Prison Law Office, a nonprofit law firm.
The settlement represents a change for state officials, who maintained that minimum custody inmates are vital laborers whose sentences should not be cut.

The office of Attorney General Kamala Harris had argued for the corrections department that the inmates are “vital” to the running of prisons and should not be allowed to lessen their time behind bars beyond current rules, which for every day they are in minimum custody reduce their sentence by one day. For their work, the inmates also receive between 8 cents to 37 cents per hour

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hero Night at Bass Pro Shop

Hero Night 
Dec 14, 2014 

Local Hero Event will be held during Santa’s Wonderland On Dec. 14 
Event hours 7-10pm, photos and crafts 7-9pm
If you are one of our hero's, please come by and let us show you how much you mean to us. 

- First 100 Hero's get a Special Ornament
- Drawings will be held every 30 Min. from 7:30pm-8:30pm
- Plus bring your Hero ID and receive 10% off your Photo Package. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Checks are arriving (POFF)

I know many of you are getting very frustrated with the VOYA phone lines!  Many Riders are checking in and are saying they had more than an hour wait on the phone line.  I have heard that the folks that got in on December 1st via the online application are the first being processed.  I'm also hearing that the fax applications are also being processed.

It appears that if you are single and got online on the first couple of days, your checks are arriving.  My Chapter President received his check yesterday, he put his online application in the early hours of December 1st.  He stated that he also is single, so he didn't have to get the spousal consent completed.

Lets hear it Riders, any luck or feedback on how this is being done?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Officer Donald Daniel PVSP EOW

A Pleasant Valley State Prison correctional officer died Monday morning after complaining of chest pain when he showed up to work at the Coalinga prison, the state prison system said.
Donald Daniel, 47, showed up to work and informed his supervisor that he was experiencing chest pains. He was transported to the Coalinga Regional Medical Center where he later died.
The 19-year California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation veteran is survived by his wife and two children.
Daniel started his career with the CDCR on Nov. 11, 1995. Upon graduating from the Basic Correctional Officer Academy, he was assigned to Pleasant Valley State Prison on Dec. 2, 1995.
“We have lost a dedicated member of our team today who was committed to protecting and serving the people of California,” CDCR Secretary Jeff Beard said in a news release

Friday, December 5, 2014

Toys for Tots at CIW 12/5

CIW staff don't forget to bring in your new un-wrapped toys for the "Toys for Tots" drive at CIW front entrance today.