Monday, March 30, 2015

Main Table Negotiations begin Today!

DAI Update - By Chuck Helton, CCPOA Adult Rank and File Vice President

We had two important bargaining tables meet this week concerning "Get Down” procedures and

the Guard One system. Both had a lot of activity and proposals are being made on both sides. We

will have more information about these in the future. We also held an Executive Council meeting

that I attended.

We are also gearing up for main table negotiations to begin on Monday and we are prepared to

begin this process with our negotiations team and our side table representation.

Labor Update - By Jo Anne Billhimer, CCPOA Chief of Labor
MOU Main Table

The Main Table team has reviewed over 300 surveys submitted by the membership and is now

in the process of prioritizing issues and considering changes to the MOU.

Use of Force
The state and CCPOA met on March 17th on the new Use of Force policy. The parties went

through all aspects of the policy with the state's representatives explaining changes in

procedures and training. The parties are scheduled to meet again in late April.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Off Duty Weapons

SACRAMENTO, California — California's corrections department has a problem with off-duty prison guards brandishing or carrying firearms while they are intoxicated, the department's inspector general said Friday.
One correctional officer danced atop a bar while drunkenly flashing his gun several times at private citizens in the tavern.
Another drunken officer pointed a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun at a citizen's chest during an argument.
They are two of seven incidents since June 2014 that show the department needs to automatically and immediately revoke concealed carry permits for officers caught consuming alcohol while possessing weapons, the inspector general said.
"Such behavior is not only dangerous to the public but brings discredit to the department," Inspector General Robert Barton wrote in a report that tracks departmental and criminal investigations of Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees.
California correctional officers are designated as peace officers who are allowed to carry concealed weapons when they are off duty. Other state law enforcement agencies that grant concealed weapons permits already have revocation policies, he said, and he recommended the corrections department follow their lead.
It's the third time Barton has made the recommendation in the last 18 months, but the department said in its response that it is still working on "a statewide, comprehensive policy to address the issues surrounding concealed weapons permits."
Meanwhile, Barton said the incidents keep piling up:
— A correctional officer was found to have a handgun in his pants pocket when he was arrested for being drunk and urinating outside a business.
— An officer was arrested for child endangerment after he drunkenly left guns scattered around his house where his three children could find them, including a loaded firearm in a toy box.
— A drunken officer fired a shotgun into the ground outside his home.
— An officer driving drunk assaulted and threatened to shoot a citizen during an alleged "road-rage" incident. The same officer drove to another location brandishing a handgun.
— An officer was arrested for driving drunk after police found him crouched behind his parked running vehicle with his cellphone in one hand and a handgun in the other.
Barton wrote that the cases demonstrate an ongoing problem of off-duty officers having weapons while they are intoxicated.
He said the department also needs to develop tighter gun safety rules for on-duty officers, after incidents last year in which correctional officers accidently fired weapons. He said such cases should be routinely investigated.

Calipatria State Prison Riot

CALIPATRIA — Five inmates were injured after a riot involving 60 inmates erupted at Calipatria State Prison on Friday, prison officials reported

No corrections staff members were injured in the riot, which started around 6:40 p.m. Friday when 60 inmates fought in the yard, according to preliminary reports.

Response teams from other areas of the prison converged on the scene of the riot, which took place in Facility C's general population Level IV yard, a maximum-security area, according to a prison press release. Staff was able to quell the violence and subdue the inmates after about five minutes. Responding correctional officers used pepper spray and foam-tipped rubber bullets to control the violence.

Two of the five injured inmates were taken to an area hospital for treatment, and one was admitted.

Inmate movement is limited as prison officials continued to investigate the cause of the riot

Sunday, March 15, 2015

CCPOA MOU Negotiations Team

Dear Members:

Due to timing issues, we have selected the members of the 2015 main table negotiations team.

During the negotiation trainings in Sacramento, Visalia and Rancho Cucamonga, we saw many

enthusiastic CCPOA members interested in main table and we thank everyone who attended.

We would like to congratulate the members of the 2015 Main Table Negotiations Team:

Sean Kelly - CCWF

Neil Pollard - San Quentin

Josh Eustice – RJD

Glen Stailey – KVSP

Dennis Greenhalgh – MCSP

These five members will serve on the main table negotiating team on an interim basis until

official confirmation at the April board of directors meeting.

Kurt Stoetzl

CCPOA Executive Vice President

Saturday, March 7, 2015

April 998 - CCPOA members site

Telestaff Committee

Attached to all 998s in the month of April will be a memo that will give employees an opportunity

to review and challenge their seniority scores. The reason the CCPOA members of the Telestaff

Committee advocated for this opportunity is that we have discovered there are enormous

problems at all institutions with seniority score accuracy. Please assure all employees that there

are no pending layoffs. This seniority verification process is only an attempt to fix problems

caused by Telestaff. There is no other reason why this seniority verification process is occurring.

Please encourage employees to utilize this process if they have any suspicion that their score is

incorrect. Any questions, contact Sean Kelly at CCWF, Daniel Beamon at KVSP, Casey Granfield at

CCC, and Joe Rocha at SATF.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reportable Incidents

In my career in Corrections there seems to be a trend and that trend is that sometimes our Partners find themselves getting weak!  I never understood how someone in our career field will throw away a good promising career with good pay and retirement, for the simple pleasures.

I don't know about you all, but at the "Dub" many of our partners are falling pray to the Va Jay Jay... I know some of you working the Men's joint are going through the same thing.  Is it really worth your $80,000 salary??? 

So I ask you, would you put your partner in check and get him/her some help?  Would you turn your buddy in?  It seems every time a picture shows up at the gate, we all say "I knew that bonehead was dirty", but what did you do about it?

This does not go for just rank and file either!  How many times have you heard a manager gets a DUI and it goes un-noticed or reported?  We as boots on the ground are never privy to what kind of discipline is dished out.  Many times we here of Supervisors/Managers crossing the line with staff of the opposite sex and yet nothing gets done about it.  Is there really transparency in our Department?

How could any other Corporation or Employer get away with hiring based on Race or Sex?  But yet we hear all the time that management will hire because they feel we need more lets say females or Hispanics or Black or Whites ect.......  And yet go and report this kind of activity and see what happens to you.  I can assure you, you will be "Black Balled".  Yet not even other Managers that know this activity is going on will speak out about it..............................

Just my two frustrated cents..........

Have a Safe 8