Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reverse Discrimination alive and well!

A new form of discrimination now seems to exist in the workplace. Reverse discrimination is a term that describes laws and policies that favor certain minority groups, whether racial or sexual, over another group historically seen as more dominant, such as white males. In these cases, employers do not take into account the actual qualifications of a potential employee, only the race or sex.

This results in the overlooking of qualified applicants that apply for certain positions, promotions, and even higher education due to their race, which Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits. According to Title VII, it is unlawful to discriminate against an employee because of ethnicity, religion, sex, or race. This includes non-minorities.

Many believe that “Affirmative Action” is a form of reverse discrimination, as it gives preferential treatment to individuals based on their race. This is a form of racial discrimination, and according to the law, affected employees, regardless of their race or gender, need protection from unfair treatment.

Although it is not common, reports indicate that non-minorities file at least 20% of the discrimination complaints.

If you truly believe that you are a victim of reverse discrimination in the workplace and you believe that your job rights have been violated you have the right to file a charge of discrimination.  This is a required step before you are allowed to file a discrimination lawsuit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CMC Warden Suspended

John Chung Law  (Posted from Facebook site)
We typically do not comment on news reports, but we find it difficult to remain silent after this article was brought to our attention.

There is no way for us to know whether or not this report and the factual statements made by this article are 100% accurate. Nonetheless, this is very disturbing to us because the State Personnel Board upheld a termination of one of our clients last year based on the "credible" tes...timony of some of the very people named in this report.

If the report is even remotely true, staff members of CDCR must be left to wonder how a Warden and Captain, both peace officers, received a 10 day suspension for doctoring an inmate's file (as clear a case for "dishonesty" as one could ever demonstrate) when rank and file custody staff are fired for far lesser transgressions such as making mistakes on 837 reports or not remembering specific details of events when they are interviewed by Internal Affairs 11 months after an incident.

To say that there is a double standard and selective application of the disciplinary matrix would be stating the obvious. We will continue to stand by our clients and our members and do our best to protect their interests in what is clearly an uneven playing field.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Remembering Manny Gonzalez 1/10/2005

Approximately 10 years ago today my world was rocked for ever.  I was sitting in my annual Operations weekly training, when the IST manager ran in the class and said we have a code 3 alarm in Central Facility.  All available staff report to Central!

The next few weeks, months and years for me changed forever!  I look at things much different than before.  I get angry when CDCR gives directions to cut staffing and lessen Alarm response!  How soon we all forget!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you former CIM Warden Mike Poulos for the photo and helping us never forget..........

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jeff Doyle a tribute to an original Corrections Blogger

Many years ago I was made aware of a site that was up and running on the fairly new great wide web.  I visited the site and was very entertained at was being reported about CDC (the R came much later).

There was a bunch of AKA's being used back then, J-Cat, Oompa, Danneli, Thor and many more that my memory cant remember.  I immediately jumped in the mix and Indian Chief was born! ( later Sitnbull)  I became a moderator for the CIM site (many prisons had their own site link)  There was a lot of bashing in those days, who can forget SPUD!  PACO via was a force to be reckoned with back then, it was also said that the site got so powerful even the union had to back away from the site and cut ties!

Politics got involved and well, as many on the yards and tiers would say PACO started to go down hill.  The site went from real inter working juicy gossip, to writing about guns and god! (to which I might add I have no problem with, it just that the once great PACO took a back seat to the small sites popping up all over social media).

Much respect goes out to Jeff Doyle a real writer!  Without his vision my site would have never been born.  Because of Jeff many joints have taken to social media to pass information to their Riders and CCPOA members.

Thanks again Mr. Doyle! Have a Safe 8 in the gates above!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Almost as important as POFF II

Besides the POFF II, the elusive Time Book, is what everyone on the yards and tiers were asking about.  Well unlike being placed on hold for hours, the Time Book is in the Mail!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Officer Safety

By now just about every site has something posted about Officer Safety on New Years Eve.  I've seen just about everyone's version of the text or email coming out of OCS.  I'm not going to post anyone's phone number or email address here.

I think there is some truth to the information that was released.  I think as Correctional Peace Officers; like any other day watch your six's!  If anything let your partners know about what you heard and tell them to be vigilant tomorrow.

More importantly, when your out in the community tomorrow and you have to be in uniform, please limit your stops.  Don't be naive and think that a cover shirt will get it done!  Try to fill up and get your zoom zoom's and wham wham's before you get dressed for work.

Have a Safe 8