Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thank You, from CCPOA

Just log into the member site and click on the link for the free shirt.  The only problem I saw is they require your cell phone number and SSN.  I guess they want to keep a parole from getting a free shirt!

Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Budget Bill

CCPOA Communications Department
On Monday, June 15 the Legislature passed the 2015 budget bill in order to meet the deadline
established by the state Constitution. This version of the budget spent about $2 billion more in total
spending than proposed by the Governor. As a result, negotiations between the legislative leadership
and the Governor continued throughout the week.
As passed on June 15th, the budget contained two provisions which CCPOA opposed. The first was a
mandate that CRC close by August 2106. In addition, the Legislature added a 7thmember to the
Commission on Correctional Peace Officers Standards and Training (C-POST).
CCPOA and the Administration successfully worked with the Legislature to get both of these provisions
modified in subsequent negotiations. Consistent with the Governor's proposal, the status of CRC will be
considered along with other issues as the Administration prepares next year's budget.
The membership of C-POST was returned to six members (three representing management and three
representing CCPOA), as recently agreed to by the union and management. As a result of the
Legislature's approval of this agreement, the basic correctional officer academy will be reduced to 12
weeks. Although not discussed in budget hearings, the trailer bill also modified the Department's
contraband interdiction program.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Our Lips Our Sealed"

CCPOA has done a great job about keeping the MOU negotiations very quiet!  But common folks we only have about 14 days left until the current contract expires, yes I know if both parties don't come to an agreement the previous contract will resume.

"Bird on the Wire" says that most of the contract is ready to go!  However, the only thing remaining is the MONEY........  With the States budget ready to go, hopefully our contract will get done.  Or will boys wait until the Convention to make the big announcement?

Sitnbull, couldn't even get a smoke signal thrown his way as far as rumors about the contract.  So yes the CCPOA boys did a good job on keeping the negotiations on the table and not in the media.  Lets hope for a penny or two thrown our way.

Have a Safe 8

Thursday, June 11, 2015

CIM Rider sound off part II

 I wrote the original message and I am so disappointed on how far the comments have gotten away from the main topic. All the insults written is a good example on how the department has divided and conquered its rank and file. From no Peace officers week to the lost of the Officer Gonzalez walk\run at CIM. We have bumper stickers and buttons the say "We will never forget."The department just does not want to admit it ever happened.

 When we (staff)get together to talk about problems or relay information about the shift, supervisors tell us to break it up. They forget it is 3 or more for inmates not officers. When an incident occurs we don't even have a debriefing after the situation.

When officers get hurt the supervisors delay medical attention for the staff member, just to hear what happen and they always blame it on the watch commander. I see inmates get medical evaluations (CDCR form7219) M/R just for being placed in handcuffs. The CDCR is so worried about inmate rights but its okay to Violate a staff members rights state or federal.  If the department going to be less then truthful about a shooting. What else have they hidden from us. We should help one another, when you see your partner do something wrong. Tell them, don't tell on them!

We have new officers at CIM on the apprenticeship program and when I talk to one. That officer told me that some officers won't even help them on what they should do on a shift or even say," Hi"!  That is pathetic of some of us. I hear officers say, I am gone in 2 or 4 years. Then leave now. If you think like that then you checked out already.  I may sound like a boyscout but at least I can sleep at night knowing I did my job.

I hear all the time that the union never helps us or the department is after us. Just like the inmates prey on the weak so does the department. File paper work let someone know. Those posters that are up at every entrance that say report misconduct is not just for inmates.  If you feel like your being harassed then call that number, it is for all misconduct!!!!  Do something just like when you respond to a incident.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coleman impact on CC1

To:State Board 
Date:June 5, 2015 
Re:CC File Review 

The Coleman Court has ordered the state to allow some inmates with mental health issues who are currently prohibited from having their Custody Level reduced (due to the mental health condition) to qualify for the two-for-one time reduction.  

Therefore, beginning on Monday, training will begin on the appropriate file review, with implementation in mid-July. This will add to the workload of the CCIs. We have been told that there has been authorization of overtime and workload accommodation. However due to the Court Order, training will begin immediately. 

We have been assured that an official notice to meet and confer will arrive next week at which time we will begin the negotiations process.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Limited Term Seniority

To:    State Board of Directors

Charlie Hughes asked me to forward this to you.—

During my Supervisory Vice President report at the April CCPOA state board of directors meeting, I reported that CCPOA was able to get the department to fix the issue regarding the sergeant and lieutenant limited term seniority issue.

It was a tough and long fight for our supervisory members but we prevailed.

On June 1, 2015, the department issued the attached memorandum.

I want to recognize Kevin Raymond for his outstanding and steadfast commitment to ensuring this issue got resolved.

Despite others trying to take credit for this win once again they came a little late to the party.

No worries, the issue got resolved for all supervisors and that's is what is important.

Stay strong stay CCPOA. The only true organization representing Supervisory  Correctional Peace Officers.

Charles Hughes
CCPOA Supervisory Vice President


Monday, June 1, 2015

CIM Rider wants answers! NKSP Shooting

We have a problem!  At CIM on Tuesday May 19 The CIM Warden attended training to speak to the officers in class with the new chief deputy warden for a Q and A. When asked about arming more officers at perimeter gates and entryway on different yards because of the shooting of a C/0 at North Kern.  He stated that he was on a conference call with other Wardens throughout the state and the shooting towards the prison was an accident.  He stated the shots came from the gun range. Even though bullet casing were found in the parking lot.

I have watched all Media coverage and news updates about the shooting on YouTube. None of the coverage I saw, does it mention that the bullets came from the prison shooting range. Well the wardens response to more gun coverage was ,"No"!

The next day in training the Armory Sergeant talked about the incident at North Kern and used the situation as an example of why we need to be ready for anything.  When the officers in the class explained that Warden said the shots that hit the Correctional Officer came from the firing range, the Sergeant looked surprised!

 I then started to feel that the Warden wanted to play down the incident. This is mind blowing, I believe as an Officer we have the right to know the real dangers of our job.  My research on this horrible situation of an Officer being shot at North Kern has not been ruled an accident. What is the truth? Thirty Officers were in my IST class and we all felt confused about this. Is CDCR not wanting to make this a big deal because the officers would want ballistic vest and more armed patrols? Also that means more money being spent on safety and security.

 Can anyone else bring answers to this matter?  The real truth.  Also, these one man hospital coverage jobs are ridiculous!

 Be safe brothers and sisters.

(From a concerned CIM Rider)