Give Back- 3 furloughs wasn’t enough?!

Some disturbing news from CCPOA in Sacramento. During a State Board conference call at 5:45 today Tuesday, May 8, 2012, CCPOA passed the following information.

CCPOA was contacted by the Governors office, along with all other Bargaining Units including the CHP. The message was that revenues are down and nearly half of what was expected. The State will be coming after some type of employee compensation give back. A decision has not been made on what that will look like. As soon as CCPOA knows what it looks like or has any other information on it, they (CCPOA) will communicate it to us. CCPOA also expects to be hearing from the State on more details in the near future.

Thats it, no other information is available on this issue. The news should be out in the media within the next couple days.

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