Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Female Inmates at Folsom?

VSPW Update — Among many changes is the ongoing conversion of Valley

State Prison for Women (VSPW) — VSPW has transferred many of its female

inmates to the California Institution for Women and the Central California

Women’s Facility. However, approximately 400 female inmates remain at VSPW.

The question of the day became where will CDCR send the remaining female

inmates? The answer, move them to Folsom State Prison.

Folsom State Prison already had an independent, stand alone facility, the Folsom

Transitional Treatment Facility (FTTF), which was gathering dust. A few short

pen stokes by the Department, and the FTTF was renamed the Folsom Women’s

Facility (FWF) and construction was underway to remodel the building to house

the remaining VSPW female inmates.

CCPOA has already entered into negotiations for opening the FWF and has

continuing dates scheduled into next month. The FWF has been slated to open in

two phases. Phase I in December 2012, and Phase II in January 2013. At this

time, the FWF is expecting to receive its first inmates in the beginning of

December and slowly fill to capacity by the end of Phase II.

Additionally, the opening of the FWF has created the opportunity to allow FSP to

roll their PICO’s back to Permanent Full Time. As we move forward, CCPOA

negotiations will be focused on terms and working conditions for those staff

bidding to the FWF, as well as ensuring staff receive all proper training, safety

equipment, and Post Orders.



  1. Sergeant Lopez, so if CDCR keeps the female inmates up north then what will CIW do in regards to the rest of us from CIM? We report on Monday, December 3rd but I am been told of having extra officers standing by for jobs certain days of the week. What's really going on?

  2. They gonna keep some there so they can have all the "babies" they can spit out at the new baby factory they recently completed. So lots of future SSI and food stamps and free services to feed them all, oh, on your tax dime. Too bad leg irons are not included with those new borns, because they will need them down the short path to future incarceration.

    1. I believe it is called the felon factory, that kaLeeforia spent millions of tax dollars to create out of the generous taxpayers hearts.

  3. Okie Doke.......There is a re-employment list. The Dept. CANNOT hire anyone for these jobs without contacting officers on the list! HOLD THEM TO IT!!!! If you have been demoted, you still have a job, but you are on the re-employment list too! Re-employment is not only for layed off officers.

  4. PICOs get rolled over. They are not on the re-employment list. Re-employment list is for laid off employees. I was demoted and was not placed on re-employment list. Now I'm laid off and on the list. You shouldn't put out information that is false or just a guess on your behalf.

    1. This is for you 11:51PM:

      Taken from the CDCR website:

      Reemployment is a program designed to give employees preferential hire status into the classification that they were laid off or demoted from. Employees are placed on reemployment in seniority order. Employees' stay on reemployment until they're re-hired into the classification they are eligible in; for a maximum of five years.

      Notice they stated "demoted from".....enjoy your lay off, you thankless, disgruntled civil serviceman!

      For some history...I was on a reemployment list, and was hired back from a reemployment list after being demoted to a PIE. I speak from experience! I am not affected by what is going on, but it irritates me like no tomorrow that my co-workers are getting boned without lube! Sit home and cry or do something about it! Responses like the one you left make some of us sit back and let the pieces fall where they will. So, for you, I'll do just that!

    2. Cool. If I am mistaken or wrong I will admit it and take it like a man. I'm getting a lot of different stories from ORP / DAI / and office of workforce planning. This whole situation is a mess. I'm weighing all options, not sittin' back crying and doing nothing. I'm bugging the shit out of people (in Sac.) with phone calls daily. Hopefully Tuesdays meeting on Wave 3 will answer some questions. Take care and be safe.

  5. Sergeant Lopez, you did not answer @ 12:27 pm concern? Please tell us, how worst can it be? Our names are pencil in and erase at CDCR headquarters.

    1. believe it or not I do have a life! This site is for information, I never claimed to have all the answers, but since you asked.

      And I'm only a little indian, in this big puzzle. So if you asking my opionion, CIW is about to open up a new dorm on Saturday. We are converting the old RC building, into a firecamp dorm, with about 200 beds. This is going to add a few positions. It will bring the overall count UP and CIW, in the next couple of months. Remember we closed VSP to women, however, CDCR still needs to find more beds for the extra women offenders.

      So there will be work! And at this point, thats what we need is jobs, not unemployed staff.....

  6. Thanks, Sergeant Lopez