A message from CCPOA Benefit Trust

Because of the massive number of calls we are recieving I feel it is prudent to repost some of the information.

To be eligible for a refund this year you had to have had the CCPOA BENEFIT TRUST FUND BLUE SHIELD PLAN ON August 1, 2012. The refund checks were JUST sent out. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. If you have recently changed your address, the check will come back to us. We will take the latest address on file and send it again.

In 2 weeks, if you do not recieve a refund and you believe you were in our plan during the correct time, then call us. It may take a day or 2 to return your call. Leave your complete name and phone number.

 Again, make sure you have the CCPOA BENEFIT TRUST FUND BLUE SHIELD PLAN and it has an effective date of August 1, 2012.