CCPOA Members are we beyond fustrated yet?

The question now is does CCPOA owe it’s members some sort of labor negotiation update? We are now into the holiday season and our Contract has been expired since July 1st. Many of you have contacted me via email and messages to this site. I have to be honest never has the line of communication been shut down like this before. We all get it, were trying to keep our Negotiations out of the media and public scrutiny. Many of us have been very critical of our past CCPOA President, but at least information was shared with it’s members, whether we agreed or not. Is it now the plan for our present CCPOA President to keep it’s members in the dark? Are they thinking the less information released the less it’s members get to voice their critical concerns? Chuck we have confidence in your leadership, however it’s time us members get to hear from you!!! (riders, please keep your comments civil and show your concerns in a professional manner, let the CCPOA SAC crew hear your concerns)

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