CIW SHU unit evacuated

At approximately 1230 hours a code 1 was requested to the SHU unit, initial reports is that two inmates set a fire within the cell. Staff responded and attempted to take custody of the inmates and extinguish the fire. The alarm was elevated to a code 2, additional staff was needed. Staff could not get the cell door open, as the inmates manipulated the cell door from opening. Subsequently the cell door was opened and the inmates were taken into custody. All additional staff was needed to evacuate the SHU unit. The inmates were sent out to area hospitals for further treatment. The fire was extinguished and eventually all the inmates were re-housed in the unit. The response supervisor and staff did a great job responding to the incident. Several outside agencies responded and of course the media trucks also showed up! (just another day dealing with Gender Response/WEFO!!) This place is off the hook…………..Back to Basics..huh….

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