“Change is good”, that seems to be the new catch phrase amongst some CDCR Managers and Supervisors. However, that’s just a code word for “You’re being moved for no apparent reason, other than putting one of the Kids in your spot”.

Should there be oversight in what some of the Wardens are doing at their Institutions? Most Chief of Police’s have oversight committees or groups that monitor department problems or complaints. However, in our department some Wardens run wild and do whatever they want.

Let’s take for instance hiring practices! Do some Wardens circumvent the promotional ranking system? Like by sending one of the kids to Blythe on a promotion (8th or 9th rank) and then transferring them back just after a few months later as a lateral transfer? I also haven’t met too many Wardens that won’t honor a request to delay an interview if that staff member is on vacation! I remember years ago, supervisors would make sure there was racial diversity in their units and on their yards. Today, whatever flavor is in charge will dictate how the hiring is done! This my friends needs to STOP!

I know the biggest topic of discussion at most Prisons is management positions! Back in the day, a supervisor could pick his or her management positions. Somehow this has even changed, at my institution the managers (Warden) now approves management positions! So again the “kids” are given the prime spots! They use to only control ISU, IST and Transportation, but now the Wardens feel like they have to hire the yard cops as well. And yes, the new MOU will help I hope!!!

So like I said earlier in this post “Change is good”. But “Change is good” can also apply to Wardens…………

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