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Vacaville prison guard’s lost check costs taxpayers a tidy sum

VACAVILLE — A lost paycheck at California State Prison, Solano in Vacaville is costing taxpayers nearly $10,000 – according to court documents filed Wednesday.
Merle Deloney worked as a prison guard for 31 years when he retired in December 2014. When he went to get his final paycheck, he got the runaround from prison bureaucrats until they figured out that the paycheck had been lost.
The paycheck was found four months later, in April 2015.

Deloney filed a claim with the State Labor Commissioner saying he had not been paid in a timely way as required by state law.
After an administrative hearing last month, a commissioner ruled Deloney was entitled to a month’s worth of wages from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a sanction for the long delay. Calculated at Deloney’s hourly wage of nearly $40 an hour, the payout totaled nearly $9,800.

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